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Grace Hui portrait illustration

Grace Hui

I am a contemporary fiction author and occasional poet.

My work has been / will be published in: The Wave, Near Window, CP Quarterly, Idle Ink.


Malaysian immigrant Cassandra Chen is up for a promotion in her elite London career. Too bad her employers don't know she lied about her qualifications. She must keep her secret or risk being deported back to her overbearing family in Malaysia.

This novel explores what it means to be a young Asian immigrant working in the City of London, with its imposing skyscrapers and culturally-unsound Asian food. It touches on navigating relationships while uncomfortable in one’s own skin, and accepting shortcomings to overcome imposter syndrome.

I am an unagented author seeking representation for this full-length women's fiction / upmarket novel, complete at 86,000 words. You can get in touch by email or Twitter.

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